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Friday Five -- June 17, 2011

The Friday Five for 17 June 2011...

1. have you ever really lived outside the country of your birth? why or why not?
No, never. Now I sometimes think about - maybe, possibly - moving somewhere, but never seriously. I love my home too much to ever permanently leave it.

2. what was your first record/cassette tape/cd?
First audio tape was my English lessons one from school, then I have used it to record songs from radio.
First video tape was Star Wars, The Return of Jedi, a pirated copy with a single artist voice-over - the only kind of tapes that were available at that time. I have kept it for longest time, even after I bought two different sets of normal releases because I loved that translation. I lost it when one of my friends borrowed it.
Don't remember CDs and DVDs. First CD probably was from a promo-action, and first DVD could be Star Wars again.

3. what do you think of your parents?
I love them. Of course I don't always get along with them - like when mother gets on my case about what I wear or when will I find myself a husband, or when I argue with father (well, the two of us usually just walk away to cool down when that happens). But I think that my family is near perfect.

4. what is your relationship with your hair?
Mutual indifference I'd say. I keep my hair short so that I don't need any more then a brush to keep myself presentable and it ignores all my attempts to do any more complicated styling.

5. what kind of pens do you like?
Pencils. :P
Actually I don't really care, as long as it works. But if I have a choice, I take thinner gel pens.
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