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Faritale bit?

She was sitting alone at a small table at the edge of the crowd, playing with barely-touched cocktail. Clubbing never was her thing, but her family was away on vacation - vacation that she was missing because of too much work - it was Friday and her friends decided she needed to relax and dragged her with them. Once they were there all too soon they all found some guys to dance and have good time with and forgot about her. She wasn't angry at them - that was what they came here for, it was just her who wasn't really looking for a one-night-romance. So she sat and listened to music.

He almost never came here anymore, but today nobody was waiting for him at home and there was nowhere he had to be tomorrow. So he decided a night out was ok. He got a drink at bar and stayed there watching the crowd. The music was good and many were dancing, but he wasn't in the right mood yet. He will join them a bit later but for now he was content to sit back and watch. At a small table he saw her - his dancing partner for tonight, if she was willing. He sat empty glass at bar and headed to her table.

She was watching people dance but her eyes kept returning to a man at bar. He seemed comfortable here, at club, as much as she wasn't. When he got up and started to walk in her direction, she have briefly entertained the thought that he was going to invite her to dance. She was the only single woman in that corner and he seemed to look right at her... The music changed and suddenly she decided to take a risk. Cocktail forgotten, she too got up and walked to meet him.

They met near dance floor, he smiled and with a small almost-there bow offered her his hand, she smiled and with what might have been a curtsy took it. Together they joined the dance floor. They were attracting attention all the time, as their dancing wasn't normal for clubs. Whenever the songs allowed, their dancing become ballroom one, and nearly professional. They spent all night dancing together with few breaks to cool down and talk. Those talks were about everything, but somehow nothing about themselves ever come up.
As closing time got near, they quietly separated. He left the club. She went back to her table to meet up with those of her friends who weren't lucky in finding guys today.

A long time ago, when all girls were princesses and wandering princes still walked this world there was one princess. She had a loving father and mother and two older sisters who adored her. But during a ball at her oldest sister's birthday she met a prince and they fell in love. He was handsome and strong and came from a rich kingdom not too far away, so her father was happy. But her mother couldn't accept that her youngest daughter would leave home so soon and will get married before her older sisters. In a moment of anger she cursed prince and princess to love each other but never meet again.

At that time Fairytale still lived in Earth and every princess had a Fairy Godmother, but the world was already changing, and this princess' Godmother was old and weakening. And mother's curse is a strong one. There wasn't much Godmother was able to do against this curse, but still she could change it a little.

So from then on princess and her prince live their lives as ordinary people - again and again. And their paths rarely cross during daylight. But sometimes at night, when Old Fairytale looks back at the world where it once lived and there is a ball that two of them can somehow attend, prince's and princess' roads cross. For that one night can they be together, for that one night can they love each other again. But if they ever learn each other's names during that night, magic will fall and they will never see each other again.

A strange piece of fairytale, that just wouldn't leave me alone this morning and demanded that I write it. Also it insisted to be written in English for some reason and resisted all attempts to get it down in Russian.

As a fair warning I have to say that I've never been inside a club and can't dance at all, so those parts is completely made-up based on other stories I read. Also I am not to sure if I used right tenses in some places - they are my weakest point (unless you heard me speak).
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