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Recipe: Stuffed eggplants

In the end I looked up recipe online. I used this one Stuffed eggplants (it is in Russian), but only on what ingridients to use. Quantities were different and based on what I had. I used only half clove of garlic and put both pulps (after I chopped them) and hollowed halves into salted water. And I covered stuffing with sour cream in some of the filed halfs before adding cheese.

I always thought I hated eggplants with passion. Now I know that they just weren't cooked right. These ones turned out delicious and I am definitely making them again, with couple corrections.
1. Meat should be fried with as little butter as possible;
2. All pulp should be removed from eggplants leaving only enough that they hold form, and added to the stuffing;
3. Stuffing needs to be half meat and half vegetables, more meat ruins the taste.
4. Sour cream is a very good idea, without it it dries out too much.

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