Milhent (milhent) wrote,

These ones are for day_on_earth

But as there are no posts for right days yet, I am posting my chosen photos here.

Saturday, August 6th

Reconstructed Irtish Gates and two guys in history costumes.
It was Flora-2011 60th anniversary and 7th was Omsk's 295 birthday, so there were huge fairs all over the city.

Sunday, August 7th

European Peacock butterfly
A lucky catch from garden. It was flitting around and I took quite a few photos.

Tuesday, August 9th

Ecuador Artists, playing at Flora-2011.
They were there with their album "Melodies Of The Heart Indian's Sound". Beautiful music, too bad I didn't have much time and only had enough money for bus on me. I would have loved to buy their CD.

Flora-2011 continues and I dropped by to take some more photos without crowds. There are still a lot of people and I'll have to go there again, as my camera died on me.
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