Milhent (milhent) wrote,

They are nuts...

My eyes are better, but I am still trying to spend less time on computer. But I don't want to go half-way across the city to get train tickets back to Omsk and RZhD are said to have electronic tickets available. I like that service with plane tickets, let's see what RZhD made.

And I thought they have started early last year? This year it was not only decorations, but also a couple of huge fur-trees near malls were set up by last weekend.

Oh, and speaking of great mistakes. In one of the central movie theaters of the city there is an announcement for a new movie - "The Adventures of Titanic". Who can guess what is the movie about?

Just one more week... Tomorrow will be a shopping day. I am still not sure if I need to buy a trolley case or if I'll just use gym bag as I did before. I have no problems carrying it around and trolley case will be harder to store at home, but mama thinks gym bag isn't "proper" enough to travel to Europe.

I give up, I can't understand RZhD's site or what I do if I buy ticket there. I'll just buy it in old way.

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