Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Christmas Card Exchange

In past years I have participated in a couple of Christmas-card exchanges and I have liked them a lot. I want to do another one this year.

So if you want a card from me, leave a comment with your address here - comments are screened - and I'll send a card for you. Also as Christmas is a lesser holiday here and New Year is much more important, say if you want a Christmas card, a New Year card or both.

People who will get a card:
(even if they didn't sign for this exchange, I have their addresses from past ones)

  1. scowling_hermit - no way I'll forget about you. sent
  2. sanjuno - I hope to see more of your stories. sent
  3. Teddi Koffroth, from facebook sent
  4. Erin Leigh Howard, from facebook sent
  5. Nana Williams, from facebook sent
  6. Regina Smith, from facebook sent
  7. Genia Abell, from facebook sent
  8. Sandy M. Grieves, from facebook sent
  9. Lorraine Condon Saxton, from facebook sent
  10. Lisa Westmoreland, from facebook ready
  11. Donna Carleone, from facebook ready

I will have to dig through my older records for more ^_^'
Tags: card exchange

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