Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Bird watching

7th was a short work-day, so I took a walk on my way home. Spring is here and it is starting to show, so birds are out and I got some nice photos. All are ordinary city birds, but they are still pretty and interesting to watch.

First is pigeon, but with a nice feathered feet.
When I was a child there were a lot of pigeon breeders with so many different kinds of those birds. Unfortunately since the that hobby lost it's popularity and those pretty and unusual pigeons bred back into general rock pigeon look. But now and then you can still see bright colors, feathered feet or frills.

Second is Magpie. That is actually is one of my favorite birds - I love how their wing and tail feathers flash in bright colors in the sun.

Next two are fieldfares. It seems that I found a place where I can easily find them and where nobody would bother me if I want to stand around and watch them.

And the last one is a common sparrow, but I didn't recognize it until I saw it's back.
Tags: bird watching, photos

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