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Sneak peek on vacation photos

While I am typing my notes up and translating them, here are some (42) photos from the trip with short notes.
It is completely accidental and I have just noticed that... but 42! And I was reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on this vacation.

P.S. I hate new Scrapbook - it keeps turning my portrait-oriented photos, so that I can get either preview OR full photo turned right way up.

Day 0 and 1 - June 23rd and 24th

Sunrise on train ride - I went to sleep at 3 am and woke up at 5 am to take this photo.

Waterfall caffee - nearly midnight, our first stop during overnight bus ride. I love how they made this caffee.

Golden Lake tourist camp. Oldest camp on Lake Teletskoe and to make it more interesting, my aunt stayed there 30 years ago on her trip to Altay.

Tresubets (Trident) summer house on Golden lake base. This house was built in 70th, and it shows. There is light and electricity, but you have to go up hill for communal bathroom and toilet.

Lake Teletskoe - sandy shore. From my walk outside base territory, to old helicopter landing area.

Two unknown birds.

Day 2 - June 25th

I should have added more photos here, but I can't find the ones I like enough.

Cowberry bay. It is shallow and a bit warmer than lake itself. Maybe 12-14 C here, but it is my guess.

Tiny flower - I thought it is cowberry.

Day 3 - June 26th

Old Cedrus. Cave under its lover brunches is about 3 meters high.

Oirok (Third river) waterfall. I have climbed right up to the waterfall and took a swim in the pool under it. Brrr... cold.

Unknown flower.

Day 4 - June 27th

Waterfall Korbu. It is on the territory of Altaisky Nature Reserve.

Near perfect mirror - this is from ship ride, first to Korbu and then to the southen end of the lake, where we have camped out.

Forested mountains reflected in calm waters of Lake Teletskoe, swirled around by ship.

Our camp for almost three days.

Tiny river-stream where we took water for drinking.

Polydactil dog - six fingers on back paws. She lives off tourists and is really friendly.

Day 5 - June 28th

Chulyshman River

Achelman waterfall

View from near Achelman waterfall

Day 6 - June 29th

Chipmunk. I have lured one to sit on my hand, too bad I didn't get a photo.

Muse waterfall and all the things it brought down in spring.

Lake Teletskoe from Muse waterfall.

Forest fire - scary. There was a smaller one right there when we went south, but it burned out soon. This one was really big and I don't know how it ended.

Lake Teletskoe - just a pretty cliff.

Day 7 - June 30th

Church in the Artybash.

Bridge over Biya river

Stele with lake's altay name - Altyn-Kol, meaning Golden lake.

Old burned out house - for sale.

Getting ready for rafting

Biya river is very beautiful, not what I expected.

Water is clear - here it is over 4 meters deep

Evening fog after rain on Lake Teletskoe

Fog creeps up closer

Untill you can't see the lake

Day 8 - July 1st

In the morning fog starts to lift.

Turns out, sky is clear and bright, weather is going to be perfect,

A layer of fog rises, but stays hovering and slowly melting.

Some random river seen from bus.

Spring with drinkable water on a stop.

Cute tram in Biysk.

A field of blue flowers.

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