Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for 5 October 2012... Laundry!

For The Friday Five for 5 October 2012...

1. Washing machine: front-loader or top-loader?
Front-loader. My family had an old top-loader years ago, I remember sitting on it during wringing cycle, to stop it from jumping around too much.

2. Detergent: liquid or powder?
Powder. I don't think there is a liquid one around here.

3. Rinse cycle: fabric softener or another additive?
Most of the time nothing, but sometimes I add fabric softener.

4. And then: clothesline or dryer?

5. Do you fold things straight off the line or out of the dryer? What do you iron (or have someone iron for you)?
I fold them somewhat, mostly to prevent them from wrinkling too much before ironing. And I iron pretty much everything, unless it is not meant for ironing.
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