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A mix of photos from past month.

Today was a great day, clear and cool, but not really cold, while weather changes from -6 to -26. Bright blue sky with few clouds, white snow and all trees are covered in thick layer of frost. I took some photos while I was going around post offices looking for the one that can take a package to USA.
Home playground
Playground in front of my home.

Frosted schoolyard
My old school (corner of the red building on the right) and its front yard.

Random playground
Random playground. Or not so random - it is next to the kindergarden I went to... for the whole year.

Frosted twigs
Frosted twigs
Frosted maple earrings
Frosted maple earrings

These ones are from 5th December, at work we were selebrating 10 years to our main brand of vodka. There was a big cake and a small lottery.
At work - 10 years to main brand

At work - lottery

And some from even longer back, that I forgot about. Back in November I went to see Flos Florum - a folk group, playing early European music. It was first time I heard this kind of music and it was interesting experience. I can't say that I like or dislike that music - some was good, some was not and a lot of it meant for big halls or even people-filled squares, so it is hard to listen in concert hall. But overall I enjoied experience and if they'll come over again, I'll book tickets right away.
New (or renewed) concert hall
New (or renewed) concert hall itself. It was plain and austere before, but now it is beautiful.

Flos Florum - early European music
Flos Florum - early European music
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