Milhent (milhent) wrote,


In the morning it was -33.5C on weather site and -33C on window thermometer (and because it is right against the window, it it closer to -35C, I think). It was VERY tempting to call in sick and stay at home. But at least I always take bus - there were a lot of people late to work because cars didn't want to start.
Sasha was late and brought old kid's sled (Anya asked for it, to add to decorations). That was a direct invitation to teasing - that he didn't have any problems with his car, as he used that sled to get to work, and was late because it got broken on the way (it has some old damage).

Now first site says it is -34C, and another claims -36C. Too bad I don't have a thermometer at hand to check which one is right, though I strongly suspect second one is closer to truth. And by evening it will probably drop some more.
Tags: moments of my life, russia

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