Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Dimensional Snowflakes

It was too cold to go anywhere this weekend, so instead I spent some time on making decorative snowflakes. These are the ones that turned out good. Most of them I will take to work tomorrow, as I can make more for home :D Still have colored paper left over.

Linked guides are in Russian, but I picked ones with good photos, so you don't need to read.

These ones are all variations on this scheme - mostly I cut petals in different ways and added extra cut to inner petal. Orange one is a mistake when I started to cut from wrong side. Actually, it is the simplest and fastest design out of the ones I tried.

Orange snowflake again, with its middle (half of a German Star) and a separate German Star. I need to find some paper ribbons, A4 paper is too short.

And last four. Simple to make, but take a bit more time, just because you need 6 parts for each one. Guide is here.

These ones are deceptively simple. All you need is paper strips, glue... and a lot of patience.
Colored ones are from this design, left ones are mistakes. White one is an expansion of idea, as described in this guide.

Tags: happy holidays

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