Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Storage findngs

Storage findngs
Mother asked me to help clean out storage cupboard. I think, she had something ... less global than I. I dug through all the shelves, cleaning and sorting things, sometimes dragging something out to ask mama if I can through this or that out. Most went back to the storage (against my opinion - there are a lot of things that we got from my aunt that we never ever used and won't use), like a porcelain baking dish, food processor and pressure cooker. I didn't mind last, even though last time it was used was ten years ago or even more - it is old, good and will serve *my* grandchildren.
Two other notable things are on photo. A bag of pine cones that can only come from my grandfather's brother, which makes then at least 5 years old. And an ancient thermos. It is the first one I remember and the second my parents owned back when they spent summers biking around the country. No way I am throwing it, especially as it is still good.
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