Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Weather is evil -2.

Yesterday I got completely soaked for the second time this week.
At the end of workday there was a very light rain. Ok, I keep a spare umbrella at work for just that reason. It is small, but still should protect me well enough. I just need to turn up my (floor-length) skirt, so that I won't ruin it. When I walked out of door rain got stronger, but not by much. But once I got a bit farther from entrance it turned into real downpour - it was like someone turned over a tub over my head, and it didn't run out of water. Once I was hit, I didn't even think of returning - I wouldn't get any wetter even if I went for a swim. Umbrella protected my head and glasses, but that was it. And to make it even "better", my skirt and blouse were white ones, the kind that turns see-through when wet.
I managed to get to the bus-stop - against the wind, that was trying to fold my tiny umbrella, there I took cover near a booth and got on the first bus that came. I was lucky, this one has last stop a short distance from my home, so it is almost never full. This time I managed to find a place where I wasn't dripping on anyone. One stop later rain turned into a light drizzle (that never was a downpour like hit me), and after one more it was completely dry. When I got to my house, it was dry and sunny. You can imagine what kind of looks I got - no signs of rain and I am completely soaked.
Here's to hoping I didn't catch a cold with that "swim".
Tags: moments of my life

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