Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Last weekend

Weekend was busy. On Saturday I had to get up early to go to hairdresser, then took my bike to a workshop to replace a damaged tire - I probably could have done it myself, but I didn't find right wrench to take wheel off - then went to a travel agency to find out what options my sister and I have for our vacation in November. And after getting my bike back home (I hate biking across the city) I went to dacha. It was quite a gathering - turned out not only my sister was there, but also our aunt and cousin with his wife. I stayed the night and got home on Sunday afternoon with close to 5kg of black currant and 2kg of raspberry which I had to deal with right away. I didn't get to bed before midnight.
I'll probably sort and post photos from Friday bike ride and from weekend today, was too busy to even copy them from camera.

As for vacation, our choices are Thailand, Vietnam, Hainan (China) and UAE. Well, also Egypt and India, but those two are definite no. And all but UAE are right at the upper limit of our budget, so I guess we'll go to Dubai again.
Tags: moments of my life, vacation

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