Milhent (milhent) wrote,

A quick set of latest panoramas

Pragmatically a photodump, but I have finished them only yesterday and didn't even get to sort through the rest of photos.

Lampochka (lightbulb) bay panorama photo pan_1580-1588.jpg
Lampochka (lightbulb) bay panorama. One of the stops on my usual bike ride route. There are always a lot of people fishing or swimming/having picnics there.

A tiny bayow photo pan_1635-1652.jpg
A tiny bayow - it doesn't even have a name and often dries out in summer.

Irtish riverside photo pan_1660-1668.jpg
Irtish riverside. Another stop on my bike ride, and also another popular place for fishing and picnics. It is always a challenge to find a place to stop which isn't already taken even on weekdays.

Our dacha photo pan_1723-1732.jpg
A bigger dacha view. 1/3 of our territory, part with house, lawn, father's workshed and flowers.

Kamyshlovka bayow photo pan_1910-1920.jpg
Kamyshlovka bayow - father goes there for fishing when he and mother live on dacha. It is close, a nice place and he usually can catch a pan-full of palm-sized prussian carps in a couple of hours. Mother even set a limit for him - no more than ten. My sister and I sometimes join him, even if it means getting up at 6 am on Sunday.
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