Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Omsk Russian Folk Choir

A couple of weeks ago I managed to grab a ticket to Omsk Folk Choir concert. Why "managed"? It wasn't announced when I was making a list of concerts I want to see and even in September program it was added after printing. When I was buying a ticket there were few seats left and today I think there were no empty seats.
The reason is not only choir's popularity, but also the program was the one they shown in Cannes on Russian Art Festival. So everyone wanted to see it. And it was worth it!

Here are some photos:
Omsk Russian Folk Choir
Omsk Russian Folk Choir 2
Orcestra part
A unique view

A good playlist with some videos.
And a video from Cannes, with cuts from this program:
Tags: concert, omsk, photos

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