Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Work is done, now time to pack

Workweek is finally over, and I even avoided having to come over on Saturday. I also finally got myself remote access, so now I won't have to explain to my colleagues what my dear users want and where/how to do it.

Today is the day of last-minute shopping, a visit to hairdresser and a run to pick up our documents. Oh, that means, I might get yelled at - for buying business class (overpay was $1400, which was my total budget for when I was planning for myself only). I also need a new battery for my laptop (need it for work) and a couple of packs of post-cards, the kind you can send without envelope.

Last was added because I have joined Postcrossing - I got a community about it in my Russian journal while hitting "random" button, and liked the idea. But during workweek I could only find cards with Omsk views, and only one pack out of three I bought can be sent without envelope (least interesting one). I have already got three addresses, and while I sent Omsk cards to the first two, last one isn't interested in such cards. So I'll hit bookstores today, a couple of them list such cards on their sites.
Tags: card exchange, moments at work, vacation

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