Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Welcome my new baby.

Today we finally got four-pawed happiness.
Right now she is asleep in her makeshift basket. She doesn't have a definite name, I am calling her Risa, from Iriska, but father doesn't agree. We'll settle on something by the end of week.

It was mostly an impulsive buy, father and I were ready to get a new cat for some time, mother wasn't. Today I saw an ad, showed it to father. I was going to warn mother, buy everything we needed, then call owners. Father told me to call right now, before all kittens were picked up, and then suddenly we were going there, because today father has a car by house and on another day I'll have to go on bus.
When we got home, mother picked up kitten from my arms immediately. And I run to buy at least a litter box. Tomorrow I'll visit another shop and buy the rest necessities.

Risa 3
Risa 1
Risa 2
Tags: cats - iriska, cats and kitties, photos

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