Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Thrush fledgling

Птенцы пока мелкие и глупые, а потому наглые. Но шустрые и хорошо маскируются. Этот гулял по детской площадке, выдал себя криком, иначе прошла бы мимо не увидев. Подпустил метра на два - ближе я уже сама не пошла.

Baby-birds are still too small, so they are silly and brash. But they are fast and have good camouflage. This one was walking around playground and gave himself away only by screeching, otherwise I would've pass right by him without noticing. I got about five feet close and probably could get even closer. I didn't.

Thrush fledgling
Thrush fledgling running
Tags: bird watching, lang: en, lang: ru, photos

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