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Father is still in ICU, we visit him every day, passing notes, but we aren't allowed to see him now (on our first visits they have rolled his bed out to where we could see each other). He'll stay there until monday, then they might move him to a general ward, where we will be able to visit for real.

Right now mother ad sis went to dacha for weekend, leaving me to check in on father and cat-sit. Risa isn't happy - she loves playing outside, so I am planing to take her with me on a bicycle ride later today.

And being too upset at the beginning of the week lead to yet another "adventure" for Iriska.
On tuesday evening she hid in washing machine. I pulled out first load and went to hang it out, she jumped in (which she does often and always jumps out once she sees that there is noone there) and stayed there while mother put in second load. Luckily first load was small and when I got back to bathroom, Risa only made a few spins and was wet scared and cold, but not hurt.
Tags: cats - iriska, moments of my life

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