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A post for (c)penpals.

I don't want to spend work internet on finding it and registering there. But feel free to take it as an invitation.

Name: Katya (shortened from Ekaterina)
Location: Russia, West Siberia, Omsk
Gender: Female
DOB: May, 7.
Current Age: 26
Religion: No matter what name you give him, God is. That's about it. And it is enough for me.
Education: Dropped out from last year of University. I'm going to return there to finish, just not this year or next.
Occupation: Programmer for a specialized accounting program - 1C.
Spoken Languages: Russian, English.
How Many Pen Pals Do You Want? At least a couple, but I'll put no top number.
How Many Pen Pals Do You Have Currently? None.
How Long Are Your Letters? Don't know, I never had a pen pal before. But I'll try to keep them reasonable.
Handwritten Or Type? Handwritten. Typing always seems to be so impersonal.
How Long Does It Take To Reply To A Letter? 2-4 days, depending on RL, but never more than a week.
Sending Gifts: Yes, I think. I love giving gifts.
Male Of Female? doesn't matter.
Where Should They Be From? Anywhere.
What Are You Looking For In A Pen Pal? A friend, someone to talk with, to exchange experiences and stories.
LJ Friends? Always welcome.
Music: Abba, Blackmore's Night, some J-pop and J-rock, pretty much anything melodic. Soviet 50-70th songs, tourists and bards songs.
Movies: Right now I'm on Soviet war films kick. Other than that, good science fiction and fantasy, but the few movies I really love are: original Star Wars, Star Trek, The Cube, What Dreams May Come, Titanic. I don't watch horrors or romances, never really got into family comedies.
Books: Good science fiction and fantasy, Tolkien, Mercedes Lackey, Klifford Saimak, Ray Bradbury. Mother's tourists magazines and guides.
TV: News in English and a couple of serials on National Geographic.
Favorite Foods: I'm not a picky eater. There are some things I don't like, but little of things I can't live without. Well, a promise of a good barbecue will get me anywhere my parents want me to go.
Other Interests: I'm collecting coins from other countries, but rather spontaneously. Sometimes I wright science fiction stories, but they don't get anywhere. I love long walks around the city and parks, camping out trips, this year's idea is mountain skiing. I think you should try everything in your live once.
Tags: moments of my life

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