Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for 14 August 2015: Travel

From latest thefridayfive:

1) What's the first place you remember travelling?
What I definitely remember - to salt lake Chelkar in Kazakhstan when I was six, I think, or five. I also think I remember a few things from when I was three and we went to Gagra in Abkhazia. But by now I am not sure, I didn't make them up as a child from stories and photos.

2) What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you while travelling?
When we were on Chelkar (we went there almost every year back then) and I was around 7-8 I found a pet - small mouse that I carried in my breast pocket all day. Until it peeked out in the evening in front of my mother.

3) What's the worst thing that ever happened to you while travelling?
It is almost even between two things. Flight back from Greece, when we were left in plane after landing - no light, no ventilation and no information - for over 30 minutes. And flight back from UAE, when I got hit with terrible migraine mid-flight and was almost blind and stupid from pain until mother got us home and I crashed to bed.

4) What's the furthest place from home you've ever travelled?
I'd have to check on map but most likely UAE, Dubai. Second possibility is Finland.

5) Where is the next place you hope to travel?
I am leaving on Tuesday to Turkey.
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