Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Ok, I have to admit that this journal is pretty much abandoned. I have only random posts even in my main journal, with most of them being my crafts updates ant vacation notes.

So, here is a general craft update, just to post here something.

After Samurai I have finished an Oriental Butterfly panno, that I wanted to match Samurai and Geisha ones, but miscalculated. But it matched our kitchen like it was made specially for it. Eight months in total.

Then, in about a month I did a Siamese cat picture, that my sister gave me for New Year. It was interesting and fast work, because of woolen thread it used.

After it, I got daring and started a free project - I found a coloured scheme (all others were symbol ones), and started it on black canvas instead of white and started to pick my own colors for lilies instead of white they were on scheme.
Here is where I stopped last month:

Meanwhile, I also bought two 3D puzzles and put them together in couple hours each:

And yesterday I finished a paint-by-numbers picture. It was an interesting experience, but one I liked a bit less than crosstiching.

P.S. and whole - half-empty - office is discussing weather and how to determine outside temperature based on how frozen the car in the morning. Since I don't drive, I just started out earlier and took an empty warm bus.
Tags: crafts, lang: en, photos

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