Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for June 16, 2017

1. Have you ever been to summer camp?
Once. Most of my summers were spent with grandparents, but one year I went with my best friend to summer camp. I was fifteen then.

2. If so, was it fun or did you hate it?
It was a lot of fun and I loved it. Although I was already too serious and missed most of unofficial fun - never really went pranking or anything like that.

3. If not, did you ever wish you had?
I really wish that I went there more. But... my grandfather was a camp director and my father hated summer camps (he spent all summers there). And father couldn't imagine someone enjoying it.

4. What movie says "Summer Time" to you?
There isn't one now. Back in school it was any of movies about Alisa Selezneva.

5. Did movies like "Friday the 13th" put you off summer camp?
They didn't have a chance, because I didn't watch horror movies. Still do not.
Tags: friday five

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