Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for 14 July 2017: Marriage

For: The Friday Five for 14 July 2017: Marriage

1) Do you want to get married?

2) Where would you like to get married?
There is a hall in our town, where two of my cousins got married. It is quite pretty.

3) If you were getting married in a week, who would be in your wedding party?
My family and my best friend. I am not fond of big parties. Second friend will need at least two months to plan trip back here.

4) What would your wedding colours be?
Soft cream ones, probably. Definitely not white, but I didn't have much thought about it.

5) Does marriage mean to you 'til death do us part?'
Yes. If I wasn't sure, I wouldn't think of marriage.
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