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Another general update post

(I am trying to get back to posting, but I am still not in mood)

Last month of spring... wasn't very spring-like. Or at least not like it is usually. It was the coldest May in the last 60 years, and sowing season was completely failed, because fields are still covered in water. First days of summer were a tiny bit better and only today I didn't have to wear overcoat on my way to work.

First summer weekend I finally spent on dacha with parents. They were going there and planting what they can for all month but I got sick and spent two weekends recovering, so I couldn't go and help them while it was cold. Saturday was perfect until evening, when it rained, but Sunday brought back freezing wind, making us once again pull out warm coats and hats. So sister and I packed our cats and run away after lunch while parents stayed until evening.
Between work I had a chance to play around with macro lens I bought for my phone.

[Photos from dacha under cut]
Cats, Irisa and Anfisa, worn out from having free run outside. Risa was so completely against sleeping, she was sitting outside and falling asleep, then jerking herself awake. I caught her and brought in, then she slept until evening.

A panorama of our dacha. Usually there would be much more green things planted and growing by now.

And some random macro photos:

Work-week began with cool weather that has warmed up by today up to +30C (now it is +25 but it is still going up). Monday I wore leather coat, Tuesday a light coat and today I dug up the only light blouse and skirt combination that I have brought over from my parents by accident.
Also on Monday at work I finally got my old computer replaced. I had this one for about 9 years out of 11 that I work here and by now it is not even adequate - I start newest iteration of my program and take a tea break. Unfortunately replacement and then setting it up took a few hours, which meant overtime for two days as backlog tends to grow on its own.

I also started a new hobby project, cross-stich this time. Once again it will be a clock, but I am keeping close to original scheme - well, as close as I can without buying thread and picking only from what I have.
And I got tickets to a TheatreHD recording of the Barbican Theater production of Hamlet.

And I am still losing weight, slowly but steadily. I was approaching 55kg at the beginning of the year and now I am below 52. I am happy, because that's what I have been trying to do for several years, but now I have a massive shopping trip ahead. I have no fitting jeans left and same goes for skirts. Dresses might still do, but I still have to bring them from parents.
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