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Went to watch Hamlet: Cumberbatch in TheatreHD. It was a huge disappointment, completely not what I expected.
Partially, it was my fault - I didn't look further that this production had tons of great reviews and the few photos I saw seemed to point out to a classical telling.

Well... that bit me badly. From costumes, story is set in mid-20th century; Ophelia looked like a yellow tabloid journalist that had bribed and blackmailed her way in to get a snatch of juicy royal life but has no idea of how to act among nobles; Horatio, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern all look like people Hamlet could have only met if he had gone slumming hard (in Horatio's case, I wouldn't have wanted to sit next to him on bus); ghost of Hamlet's father looks like a vagrant who was paid to stir trouble... Also, it has been a long time since I read Hamlet, and that wasn't in original, so I can't be sure, but my sister said it seemed there were significant changes made to the text. Acting too was not what I expected - more something you'd see in a student's theater or in a provincial theater where everyone are doing their best to show they are acting. Might be useful when audience is under twenty and still needs all emotions and nuances highlighted, but mildly off-putting at more adult age.

I count it as a wasted evening and a lesson in checking everything out and not believing in popular reviews.
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