Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Last batch of photos

And the last portion of photos - two last days, or more exactly, one day and some photos from Simpheropol airport, as it is very beautiful.

Morning was perfect - sunny and warm... and then beach was closed, because there was a WWII bomb found in the sea near it. Most people moved to the illegal beach next to the seafront, but a bit later I found out about a less-known beach on the other side of closed one and went back down there.

When I got there, it was pretty empty,because during that time a great rainstorm rolled in. Kostia even called me, asking if I was washed away by rain, but on that beach there was not even a drop.

After swimming I was still too restless and took a long walt along the seafront. Stormy sky was very beautiful.

Bonus - magnolia flower.

Later in the evening - you can see how a small river carries it's muddy waters out intothe sea.

And next day we were off (in the evening). We choose to go on inter-city trolleybus.

And here are some phtotos from airport.

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