Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for October 19, 2018

1. Have you ever bobbed for Apples?

2. Do you like a regular or hard apple cider?
Never tried either.
On other hand, just this week I saw that there is a small store at my office that sells apple cider. Don't know how close to natural one it is, but I have thought of buying some to try.
[ETA] Tried that cider I bought on my way from work. Now I know what I'll drink when everyone around me goes for beer.

3. Do you have a special type of apple that you prefer over others?
I don't think anyone will recognize names that grow here, so... Any that are both sweet and sour and juicy.

4. Have you ever made baked apples?
Yes once. They were nasty, I don't know how anyone can eat it. To check that I made them right, I later tried backed apple at a fair - with same result.

5. Who is the apple of your eye?
My family, my cat, my boyfriend.
Tags: friday five, lang: en

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