Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Walking day

A visit to vet went pretty much well. No mites, just a beginning of otitis. Now I have a guaranteed week of dinners as I will have to come over and be an evil nurse for the cat. By the way, Irisa is way too smart. I didn't want to lug around pet carrier, so I carried her in my coat. She sat quietly right until it become clear where I am going. Then she did her best to get away, right as I came up to crossroad.

A run to shop didn't take much time, but once there I found that a tableware shop I wanted to visit closed. It was a good place to browse for small kitchen things close to my work. On my way home I noticed that weather become much better, there were still heavy clouds but also warm sun. So I hurried up to catch some of this weather for our walk.

We did catch some sun, but to the end of walk clouds rolled back in and there were even several hits of rain - it will begin to rain, I will get out my umbrella, rain will stop. So we had to cut our walk short - neither of us wants to catch a cold. Don't know how much time we will have next weekend, as Kostya is back to judging competitions, and I know that we won't meet during week, right now I often work overtime from home and I'll have to treat our cat too.

Here are some photos - light(er) clouds and unseasonably warm sun we have walked under and heavy clouds rolling in.
Tags: lang: en, moments of my life, omsk, photos

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