Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Buried at work

With deadline - first days of the new year, theoretically still New Year holidays - approaching fast, I was temporary moved to HR department, so that I was closer to them and we could ask questions at any moment directly. I can't say it is any more quiet then in our room, we programmers can get loud at times but here there is a constant background talk going on. On other hand, I get to listen in to a lot of corporation gossip that I miss in my mostly-male department.
Still, deadline means a lot of overtime and sometimes I even work from home in the evenings, mostly if I get an idea or to run next part of big exchange program.
Also... there is no other free table in the room, I ended up sitting with my back to the center and nearly everyone walking across the room has to walk behind my back. That is unpleasant.

A small bonus - this room faces in slightly different direction, so I get to see most fabulous sunsets... when I am not in the meeting, on phone or simply too busy to lift my head in the 15 minutes or so while sunset happens.
Tags: moments at work, photos

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