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The Friday Five for 14 December 2018: Books

For the thefridayfive

1. Do you enjoy receiving books as holiday or birthday gifts?
I don't remember last time I got a book as a gift - not counting the ones I bought as gifts for myself. But I don't think I'd enjoy - it is hard to guess which one I'll like or not.

2. What book are you reading (or, what is the last book you read)?
I am re-reading 'Superstitions of Victorian England' by Ekaterina Kouty (I don't know how her last name is spelled in English).
Second book is 'Wizard and Glass' by Stephen King, but it is slow going.
Yes, I am reading two at once, it is my usual practice. One on my phone to read on bus or during waiting periods at work and another on paper at home.

3. Are you enjoying (or, did you enjoy) that book? Why or why not?
'Superstitions' - I am enjoying it a lot. It is very interesting, well-written and informative.
Actually, I would enjoy getting her other non-fiction books as gifts because right now I only have one other - 'Women of Victorian England'.
'Wizard and Glass' - as I said, it is going slow. I read through previous books in one breath, often cutting into sleeping time. But this one deals with betrayals and that is always hard to read for me.

4. About how many books do you read in an average year?
I didn't count before, but this year I kept a list on Goodreads and right now I am on my 109 and 110 books.

5. What are some of the books on your to-read pile (or list)?
A lot... The rest of 'The Dark Tower' cycle, several biography books by Russian authors about north, some books by Le Guin, 'The Autumn of the Patriarch' by Gabriel Marquez, a couple of books by Max Frei...
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