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Co-workers and parties

An old co-worker is leaving our work because of his age. Actually his last day was on 7th, but he came to finish some things on Monday and yesterday we had a farewell party for him.

Vladimir Vasilyevich have worked for the company for almost ten years and a good number of the programs we use were either made by him, or at lest heavily modified. I came only two years ago and took over supporting some programs - not that there was much to do, I only have to keep them up to date with new taxes and forms. He still had two other more important programs to support - and now there is a bit of worry. It was years since there was a problem with them, but they are the kind where a problem can mean a stopped production at the factory. We also all are not happy with our top bosses. Vladimir Vasilyevich was going to leave in February, once he had full 10 years here, but they have asked him to quit now "because of the crisis".

Aside from being an excellent programmer, he is also a good poet. He has published a book of poems and had his poems included in several collections. He also regularly had his poems printed in our office newspaper. I have printed out a poem he wrote for me at my birthday. His style is different from what I usually like to read, but it was very nice gift. Yesterday Vladimir Vasilyevich said I took over from him not only as a programmer, but as a creative person of our department. I'm a photographer - an amateur one, but I have some good photos.

Overall, the party was a success, although how did it end we will know later. Our department was always known for good parties, though it have calmed down in last years. But still, two people who stayed to the end are over an hour late by now, and honestly we don't expect them until lunch.

After much discussion we decided to give Vladimir Vasilyevich a bottle of good whiskey and some cigars. Turned out it was the best idea, and he was very happy.
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