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Seven days of lazy cooking

Ekaterina, 36, Russia. My plans for this week were completely derailed by catching something like a flu, so while I did remember to take photos, I was not in mood for much cooking and a lot of time went for something simple.

Work-day, and as usual I pulled some overtime and then made a detour for some shopping, so I by the time I got home I was not in mood for cooking. Fortunately I just bought some vegetables for salad and there is some soup remaining in the fridge. I usually make a pot of soup on Sunday, so that I have something ready-made for at least first half of the week. But that was the last of it.

Another work-day, and I started to feel like like I am getting hit with a cold or a flu (no surprise - there is a very nasty flu going around), so I decided to make a stop before leaving office building and buy shawarma. It is big enough that I will have other half of it for breakfast. Also I made herb-tea of mint, raspberry and chamomile instead of usual black.

And while 25th is Friday and therefore still a work day, I woke up definitely ill, so I choose to stay at home and work from there. I found that while my fever never rose high enough to keep me in bed, I can't spend long time sitting at the computer, so I spent more time cooking. Once again I made salad, boiled potatoes and kotleta (pan-fried minced meat croquettes (c) wikipedia).

Saturday... not that it was much of a break. My fever went up and down all day - but never high enough that I would call doctor for house-visit or go to one myself - and when it was down, I spent most of my time working on all outstanding tasks that are waiting for me at work. Fortunately, mother came over and did a bit of shopping for me on her way, so that in the evening I made buckwheat pancakes from store-bought mix. And started to eat them right while I was making them.

Same tread as Saturday, I was still down and still worked when I was a bit better, so this time for dinner I choose dish that is even less work. Pelmeny are dough-wrapped ground meat, they are made mostly in winter by a big bunch and then stored frozen. It takes barely several minutes to cook them.

On Monday I was feeling a bit better, but still not enough to go to work. But by the evening I had enough strength to cook again. So I pulled out steam-cooker mother gave me (because she never uses it) and tried to make chicken and rice. No recipe, just what spices smelled good to me. I pulled two pieces of chicken breast from freezer, put salt, pepper, ground basil and some cloves on them and put them into steam-cooker. Rice was in a portion-packaged box with four kinds of rice, so it could be that I should have cooked it differently, or this particular kind of rice needs different treatment... Chicken turned out delicious, but I had to put rice into pot and finish cooking it over stove.
And of course I made more salad.

I had hoped that this day I will go in to work and maybe even go to a restaurant just to get some different kind of dinner for you, but in the morning I choose to play it safe and spend one more day inside - we are once heading into cold weather and I don't want a relapse. Instead I spent most of the day working and almost forgot about time. So my dinner was once again something that doesn't require much cooking - salad and Ikea meatballs.

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