Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Weather ...sigh... I am used to it.

Third day of solid -30C and lower. But it looks like this time it came to less of surprise - there are almost as much cars on roads as usual and almost everyone at work still send kids to kindergarden. Fortunately for now air humidity is quite low, which makes cold much easier to bear. I took long walk home yesterday evening and didn't get cold, but I do wear fleeced jeans and fur t-shirt.

Two coldest days are still to come - for Thursday and Friday forecast promises -38C in the morning around 8am, right when I am heading to work. I just hope that after that there won't be any sharp change of weather, that would almost guarantee me a day out with migraine.
I also go tired of weather sites never agreeing on current outside temperature - they range from -24C to -32C - so I put a thermometer outside my window. I had one there for a while, but it got stolen by a magpie some time in summer. This one I tied to an inside radiator with a ribbon. Well, this morning when I left home it shown -33C, which might mean -35C in reality, because it is close to window and it doesn't seal perfectly. I just might take a photo of it if temp drops even more tomorrow.

At work madhouse continues. We are in the middle of switch-over and consequently in the middle of financial blackout - no payments at all, no new contracts and so on... And a lot of work both for IT department on main move and for the section where I am - with our own move. Last weekend was spent working, chances are this one will be the same.
Tags: moments at work, moments of my life, omsk

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