Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for 8 March 2019: Random

1. Are we losing the art of listening?
Quite probably.

2. Have you ever interacted with the police?
Sadly yes. There was a homeless person killed right under windows. Since we live on the first floor and just that morning father went and spoke to him rather harshly about making fires under our balcony, father was first suspect.

3. Do you like being alone?
I love it, it is the best way I can relax.

4. Who would you share your passwords with?
My parents and sister. I also have them all written down and my family knows where to find them.

5. What are you grateful for today?
That it is weekend and I don't have to go in to work. (I still have to work from home, but that is easier)
Tags: friday five

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