Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for May 17 2019

For thefridayfive

1. Has your house been renovated?
Yes, several times with different level of participation. Both sister and I helped as much as we could once we were old enough to be more help than hindrance. And back then in our flat cosmetic renovations were needed every 5 years or so.

2. Have you ever painted a room?
No. All the rooms I lived in are wallpapered.

3. Have you ever put in a new floor in a house?
No, I was too young to to help more than pass light instruments to father.

4. Have you ever worked with wallpaper?
Oh yes. Last time I did it was a bit over a year ago when I bought my own flat, I had to redo both rooms and part of a small hall. I think that if needed I will be able to wallpaper a room on my own, but it is much easier with someone helping.

5. Have you ever choose new colors for your flat or house?
Yes. I will freely admit that a couple of choices turned out not so perfect once in place, but overall I am good with them.
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