Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for 9 August 2019

I saw this as it was posted, but didn't have a chance to write my answers until now.

1. How are you feeling today?
Quite well, thank you. I am still annoyed by my broken tooth, but I have next two dentist visits planned for Tuesday and Thursday.

2. Have you gone to one of those emergency/urgent care walk-in clinics?
Yes. While I usually ask for a home visit when I have a flu, I did have to go to urgent care a couple of times.

3. What symptoms made you go there?
Latest one was when I broke my tooth, but that was to dentist urgent care, but before that was a time I had a bad case of UTI and thought it was a stone.

4. Does it make you feel better to have the doctor translate your symptoms into a medical-sounding diagnosis (e.g., really bad cough = bronchitis)?
Yes. With all the information on symptoms readily available on internet you can easily scare yourself silly always going for worst. Having an expert (hopefully) opinion is always great.

5. What is the worst tasting medicine you have ever had?
Nauseatingly sweet cough syrup. Why can't they make it taste neutral? Even allegedly lemon one was extremely sweet with no hint of sourness in it.
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