Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for August 16, 2019

For thefridayfive. spikesgirl58, are you spying on me?

1. Do you have a favorite insect (of the bug variety, of course)?
Ladybugs. I loved them as a child and even now I often pick them up.

2. Which insect could you happily do without seeing for a good long time?
Cockroaches. And yellow house ants.

3. Which insect do you think is of the most benefit to us?
Bees. Without them to pollinate our fields we would have starved.

4. Have you had to deal with an insect invasion yet this season (or this past summer for our friends in the other hemisphere)?
If you mean insect invasion in nature, then no, weather was alternating between too hot and cold and insects didn't become a problem.
But a nasty invasion of yellow house ants in my flat - oh yes, they are back and I will possibly skip going to dacha today and spend evening and tomorrow morning doing total cleaning of my kitchen and then putting anti-ant lines everywhere.

5. Would you eat insects? Not even for a lot of money?
Not for money. But if I am ever lost in the forest and starving... possibly, although not any time soon.
Tags: friday five

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