Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Queen real tribute.

That was a real disappointment. It is just wrong to play any kind of music so unemotional, much less Queen. While performance was really good in technical aspects, that was first time I heard a drummer without any hint of emotions (I didn't know it was even physically possible) and every move of their lead was scripted. You could see him run a list mentally 'here I do this, here I turn so, here I do the thing with microphone...'.
I waited for 20 minutes for them to get into it, because it should be impossible to stay indifferent when you listen to Queen and they were playing it. Then I tried to hold out until break, but after 'A kind of magic' both sister and I just couldn't stand it any more. We left after 40 minutes.

I rate this concert "I'd have more fun staying extra hour at work".
Tags: concert

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