Milhent (milhent) wrote,

The Friday Five for 7 February 2020

1. Can you do simple sewing repairs, such as replacing a button or rejoining a straight seam?
Yes, quite easily. It is an essential skill in my mind. More complex things I can do, but I am slow, so even for simple jeans shortening I prefer to pay and not to do myself.

2. Can you change a flat tire?
No. I don't deal with cars and I am not sure I'd even manage to change windshield wipers.

3. Can you plan and cook a simple meal?
Plan - no, and don't even mention week planning. Cook - easily, and not only simple ones. But usually only when mood strikes me.

4. Can you rewire a lamp?
I don't have tools at home for it, but if I raid my father's tool collection then I'll be able to do it.

5. Are you a spender or a saver? Are you able to switch from one to the other on occasion?
Saver most of the time, it is somewhat a left-over from Soviet childhood when there were either no money or nothing in stores to buy. But every now and then I spend to spender mode, usually when I do a through check up on my things and see that some are really in need of replacement. Then once I started spending, I continue going through things and replace or upgrade others.
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