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Second attempt at catch-up post.

   On the main world theme - so far there is not a single confirmed case in my city and area, although 30 people are in hospitals for flu and cold symptoms and 3000+ are at in home quarantine, as they are tourists and the ones who were in contact. Schools and unis went online and sports events are cancelled, for which I am grateful, as it means Kostya won't have to deal with kids. Theaters, cinemas and gyms are open for now and only visiting concerts are moved to autumn. The rest is pretty normal - less traffic jams and emptier buses, there was a brief shopping rush but I didn't see it personally.
   Sister's company had a few drills on going online and sis wasn't impressed with her department. If I remember the procedure right, you have to save and run two files sent over e-mail, and that was above some peoples' abilities. I just helped HR to make a list of people aged over 50 in my company, but so far there was only a general e-mail which cuts down to "Wash your hands, use your brain and don't come to work if you think you might be sick".
   Unfortunately, today on my way to work I rode with a woman who stunk like she poured a whole perfume bottle over herself. My throat is still irritated by lunch and I had three people - I sit with open door for air - ask if I have a cold.

   My migraines are back, I stopped going to gym in December during first cold and took a long time to recover from January flu, so I had 2 attacks in March and started to go to gym last week. Already feel better, but completely wrong time, really.
   And to add to fun, dentist office forgot to send me reminder to come and replace temporary crown. And I thought that it was a permanent one - I wasn't in best state at that moment (got fired on the day I had some tooth work done and finished on my second to last day). I am two month overdue, so now I have appointment on Sunday evening. Preliminary count is 15k, but prices are growing like mad now.
   At work things are interesting. Vardan almost left - other place offered a higher salary - and I spent over a week quietly panicking. Fortunately he got a rise and a vacation here and agreed to stay. But now he is on vacation for two weeks - for the better, his kids always bring home bugs and also he might get a chance to rest.

   Spring is noticeable. It was +2C wet mess last week, but everything froze right back with current -10C. Nevertheless snow is melting fast, there is already more open earth than snow everywhere. Smaller Om river is ice-free, Irtysh is still iced over, I expect ice will come over first week of April. I am waiting for weather to go above freezing to start taking evening walks after work. Last thing I need right now is a cold.
   I might have went a bit overboard with flowers - I nearly run out of space on windows. Granted, three pots are cuttings that will go to dacha in May and two are long boxes for balcony... But I still want to get a plant stand (something like this). I even saw the one I like and have perfect place to put it - a useless corner between sofa and window. But I don't have time to check whether it is still in store and then I'll need sister's help and car to get it home.
   Meanwhile sister finally got around re-doing her bathroom. She moved over to parents for about a month and had it stripped and re-done completely. As well as both rooms and entrance hall, but those she did with father earlier, bathroom demanded professional work. I went with her for tiles and now I want to redo my own bathroom, but now not this year for sure. I didn't see end result yet, sister moved back last weekend and only because she felt cold coming and didn't want to risk it.
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