December 5th, 2008


Friday Five -- December 5, 2008

For thefridayfive entry on December 5, 2008

1. Do you like the look of your country's currency (bills and coins)?
I like how our bills look, but I'm not overly fond of coins. Different values are too close in design and size and in dark the only sure way to find out which one is the one you need is to press them together to compare.

2. Regardless of their actual value, do you like bills or coins better?
Coins. I like the feel plus they are really hard to damage. I've lost count of number of times I've either dropped bills on ground where they were immediately stepped on or forgot to take them out of pockets and washed them.

3. What is your favorite foreign currency? And why?
I didn't see all that many foreign bills - only US dollar and Ukrainian hryvnia, and I don't like both of them. As for coins, I really like all types of Euros - from different countries. Don't really know why - they are pretty. :D

4. Do you collect coins or bills? Elaborate.
I have a small collection of Soviet and Ukrainian bills given to me by my mother and aunts, but on my own I collect coins. Not silver and gold but normal ones.
Right now I have an unsorted mix of international coins - I'm not really sure where are they all from; A small collection of Euros I got from my traveling friends and relatives - something I'm slowly working on; and two collections of Soviet coins: an almost full collection of regular ones where I'm missing only some years in several values but I'm not really hunting them, and a growing collection of "anniversary coins" of 1, 3 and 5 rubles in value.

5. Do you think human society could make do completely without money? Explain.
I don't think so. People will always need some common measure of their work and goods. And you can change its name all you want but there will always be something with the same function money have now.