December 24th, 2008

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it now!

And as if to celebrate Christmas Eve - not that it is anything special in Russia - we got a whole 1 centimeter of snow over night. Now it looks a tiny bit like winter out there - if you have a good imagination. At least it is cold enough that rivers are frozen, so there will be normal ice playgrounds and sculptures, instead of cardboard we had last year.

And I also want to apologize to all who are waiting letters from me. Between damn weather, work and leftover cold by the time I get home and try to write your letters my mind is completely dead. So I either end up staring at the paper trying to find what I can say or dumbly pocking at my laptop. Hopefully I'll get over it soon.
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An elaboration on earlier post.

I think I should explain what did I mean earlier. I hope it'll also help me to went a bit.
As I said, my main problems right now are cold, weather and work.

Cold is simplest. It always takes me a longest time to get over one. Even after I stop coughing and my temperature gets down my nose stays stuffed and I get tired way too easy. Right now I'm at this stage which means I have trouble breathing, which leads to headache, have trouble falling asleep and generally want to curl up somewhere warm.

Weather... is still the same as it was for the last month - freezing and next to no snow. While it looks like everyone around us already had their winter norm of snowfalls - some even two winter norms. By now everything growing in gardens and fields is dead for sure, animals are throughly confused and people are irritated beyond belief.

Work. The greatest headache of our department. Around the beginning of December (I think. that was when I first heard about it.) we have found out about global changes in our firm. In short, starting from 3rd of January we will have two different firms - one producing only and one selling. And noone have thought about massive changes in programs they use, that are necessary for them to work. As a result, today there will be a staff meeting to decide what changes they need and how to do that. When they have to start working on 3rd.

Thankfully, I'm slightly aside from that as I'm dealing only with payment and optimally I'll need only to make a clean copy of my current program and database. I said "optimally" because our personnel director have heard somewhere that an official version of the program has far less problems than our. It is true, somewhat, for smaller firms with little special requirements. But it doesn't have what we need and will need massive remake before they can use it - and by then it will have far more problems then current one.

And yes, they too still aren't sure which way they want to go. Well, they have a bit more time as they don't need new program fully working until advanced payment on 15th.
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Writer's Block: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Cancelled flights, missed connections, long layovers—what's the worst holiday travel story you've heard? Or experienced?

As I didn't travel much so far, the worst holiday travel story I have is my trip from Moscow to Kharkov last year.

I have planned my trip so that I flew to Moscow in the morning, met with my cousin and then we spent day going around the city. And in the evening we got on the overnight train to Kharkov. The idea was to sleep over the trip and start the next day fresh and well-rested. Unfortunately, we got tickets into different cabs and as we were crossing border no switches were allowed.

I was slightly more lucky as there were two other women with me, Natasha rode with another woman and two man. Still both of us didn't get much sleep that night. The man riding with me was drunk. Then he drank some more. Offered three of us a drink and when we refused drank himself. Finally he fell asleep. And started snoring. And screaming like somebody was killing him. He finally calmed down a bit around 5am but didn't stop snoring. Natasha later said that two men from her compartment were also heavily drinking and singing and she was worried that they would get violent.