May 4th, 2009


Work bitching.

A work day have started less then an hour ago and I already want to kill most of my co-workers. Usually I like to listen to them - far better then any news program. But not today. They have already covered a wide range of topics from hockey matches - all three are fans - to the reasons of the Chernobyl catastrophe. But they talk so loud that I can barely hear myself think.

And right now they went from USA including Russia into the list of countries supporting pirate music and software copying to brilliants.

Really wish I could cast some kind of a silencing spell on them.

Writer's Block: How'd You Get Here?

There are many roads to LiveJournal—how did you first hear about LJ?

Well, I knew about LiveJournal almost since the moment I got internet connection - in winter 2001. But I didn't see a point in such service: really, what would you need that for? Back then I was using internet for school research and finding out all I could about Sailor Moon anime - my love of that time.

Much later in 2006 I found out that my favorite fiction writer Anastasia Parfenova (nastya_tor) has a journal here and I wanted to follow her updates - I read all of her books and wanted to know if she has any more in work. By then I had my own journal on one of Russian sites and didn't see any reason to start another one. Some time later I did register, but only so that I didn't have to leave anonymous comments.

From there it grew. I started to use it to post results of various tests, then stumbled onto cooking and started posted my recipes both there and in my journal. Then I found thequestionclub and there in one of the questions I got into a discussion about differences between living in Russia and USA. Soon I was posting in both my Russian journal and here.