March 5th, 2010

Milhent forest

Catching up on this week

This week barely started (I began writing this entry on Tuesday) but a lot had happened already. First and most sad is that a woman I worked with died on 27th. I knew she was sick but there was nothing to tell it was really serious - she stayed in contact and helped her temporary replacement and even hoped to be back in March. She had stomach cancer. It was a real shock.
So now as she expected to be back in time to make monthly reports, she didn't teach anyone how to do that. Her replacement - who now has to deal with that workload for at least another month - has some instructions, but don't have any experience. And to make things more "fun" someone chose this month to mess with old documents, something that took 4 days to find out - reports were all messed up but I didn't even think to check as far back as 2007 year until we both were completely out of ideas. Then it took several hours to get approval to get into those documents to correct them.

So Wednesday I spent on one factory dealing with that problem and then half of Thursday on our other factory discussing what new documents they need - something that was constantly delayed because getting to factories is hard if you don't have your own car. Then it turned out it is time to deal with factory workers wages - and calculating that is my constant headache because it is way to complex - and to make a second set tax reports, that may just turn into another headache, just like the first one did.

At home computer things were frantic too. Mother somehow got a virus on desktop computer. At least it is the only explanation I can think of. Both she and father aren't really good with computers, but father is overly cautious and prefers to call me if something happens, and mother had a classmates meeting not long ago and together... they could do anything. I had to format system hard drive and then restore a clean copy I had backed up back when I didn't have laptop and regularly crashed desktop with my experiments. A lot of programs now are old versions from 3 years ago, but I think I won't update most of them. For example, Firefox 2 crashes a lot less than Firefox 3, so I have updated only father's program and antivirus - as I have switched to a different one since then.

In a more cheerful news, it is International Women's Day on Monday! In Russia it is a state holiday, so we will have 3-days weekend. Also it means that today at work we receive flowers and presents. Lol. Just found out that my makeshift vase was lost during moving. So now I have tulip set in my tea mug, good thing it is a tall one. Oh, and a small party courtesy to our men and a shortened workday - last one most likely not for me, as I have stayed after hours all week.
Thanks to this weekend I really hope to find some time to go to an exhibition where va_ks_a has some of her works displayed. And i want to drag mother with me.

Short day..

...As if!
It is 19:55 and I am still at work and have no idea when I will go home. I am last person on my floor and a girl from personnel department is alone on her floor. Reason - someone doesn't understand when we tell them not to change names and order of rows if they want XLS files load. Yet they find new things to f*** up every month.