June 10th, 2018

Milhent forest

Plans for the day

  1. Wake up, check mail and messages, have breakfast (plain salad, as I am out of milk and eggs and even sourcream)
  2. Heat water for shower in biggest pot I have (I hate summer hot water cut off)
  3. Clean out second room, which is right now is drying and ironing room
  4. Wait for sofa to be delivered (I asked for morning delivery and was told that it means 10 am to 3 pm). Amazingly they came a bit after 11am.
  5. Unpack summer clothes I finally brought over from my parents' flat
  6. Clean up after workers - not much to clean up, but new sofa stinks and I had to vacuum it.
  7. Finally free!!! Call parents to as what they forgot, pick it up and I am off to dacha. I am waiting for the bus, there is quite a line, i hope I won't have to wait for the next one.

    [Said sofa, folded and unfolded]
Milhent forest

Friday Five for 9 June 2018

For The Friday Five for Yesterday: Vacation

1) Where did you go, and what did you do, on your last vacation trip?
It was last year in November. Sister and I went to Thailand for 11 days. We went to Pattaya and from there on took several trips to different beaches, a beach island and a two-days trip to jungle. We both agree it is something we'd like to repeat, but this time with more time on a beach island.

2) How often do you take trips for pleasure?
I have vacation twice a year, in summer and in late autumn when I try to travel. In summer somewhere around Russia and in autumn abroad. (I can pick any other time, but I like this system)
Sometimes I also travel over weekend - Friday evening to Sunday - to nearby cities, mostly for concerts that don't come to our city.

3) How much vacation time do you take each year?
I have 28 days of vacation each year.

4) Are you satisfied/happy with the amount of time off you can take?
Pretty much yes. I also have another 28 days saved up that I haven't used in past years for different reasons.

5) What would be your ideal or dream vacation if money and time were no object?
Kamchatka. That is my dream vacation. It is so beautiful in summer and I want to see volcanoes and bears and ice caves. I even found my dream tour - there is a special photo tour running every year in August.
But tour cost alone is close to three months of my salary, and tickets will run up to at least another two months at the cheapest.