July 26th, 2019

Milhent forest

I am back (since Tuesday, actually)

End of vacation got spoiled by a bad cold.
On Sunday there was a great excursion to a very beautiful church - The Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin on the Nerl River. It is situated some way off the nearest road, so there is about 1.5 km walk up to it across an open field. It is a nice and easy walk... unless rain rolls in. Which is exactly what happened on the way back. Umbrellas and raincoats didn't do much because of wind, so everyone were soaked up to waist at the very least (my raincoat covered me below knees... my butt was wet). Bus departure was delayed while everyone rushed to dig up dry clothes from luggage and change. That is a mixed group of 60 people who had only one bus to hide to undress down to undergarments. Not everyone had a chance to change before second rain came in and there was one more excursion before lunch to go, this one in the middle of the city. And after that a 3 to 7 hour drive back to Moscow, courtesy of traffic jams.

I have changed, but apparently it was too late, plus I only had sandals as spare shoes and it was a bit chilly for them, even though I put socks on. So I had sore throat on Monday, but still was active - it was a day to walk around Moscow. But once I came home on Tuesday I crashed and crashed bad. I am better now, but if my temp will rise up over 38C again, I will go to hospital, because that might imply pneumonia.

[Added some photos to illustrate.]
On the way to the church.

Church itself. Very beautiful from outside, but small inside.

Rain. And this is not the worst of it, here the initial blast have passed and I am already in a raincoat and with umbrella.