Milhent (milhent) wrote,

Vet visit

Iriska made my yesterday night into a "fun" one.
Father called asking which vet clinic we go to, he was going to take Irisa there tomorrow. After some questioning he said she apparently hurt her eye, possibly even getting a cut on cornea. I said that I am calling taxi and will take her right away. That was at 9:30pm. Well, now I know how much it would cost to take taxi to dacha - a trip there and to vet clinic cost 1100rub ($15). I had to call for a upper range car, cheaper ones didn't pick up my order. But driver was great, he didn't mind me keeping Irisa in my lap and not in carrier. Thanks to that I was able to get her a bag when she threw up.
Then I had to wait in clinic from 11pm to 1am - there were two cats, a dog with tick bite in bad state and a kitten with broken paw and in bad health overall. Then I found out that there was no reason to panic, just a small bruise and conjunctivitis, meaning a week of eye drops and no dacha. Examination and eye drops were together 830rub ($12). I called for a taxi home and in 10 minutes drive Irisa peed herself. Mostly it hit me, but I choose to pay driver extra because some did reach seat. That was another 1100rub.

I fell asleep at 2am and was very lucky that I can work from home today. I couldn't get up at 6am. And now I moved Irisa to my flat for a week, because I am not going to move to parents and she needs to be watched over. She isn't happy.

Tags: cats - iriska

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